Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-18, 19:47)oldpoem Wrote:
(2015-09-18, 17:06)hlina Wrote: Thanks Warner306 for your reminder about posting a log.

For my problem, I have posted a log here: log
My filtersconfig and mediasconfig is here: filtersconfig - mediasconfig

The problem is that Kodi freezes once I move within a movie using the seek bar. The video keeps playing, but kodi becomes unresponsive. The problem is totally reproducible with every video.
System: win 10 64 bits

The problem disapears, when I turn off dsplayer, so it is for sure dsplayer-realted. I had a similar problem in a previous version and I could bypass it by turning off madshi's renderer (going back to EVR), but with the most current version the option to change the renderer is greyed out.

Btw, I haven't figured out what the .pdb-file is needed for and I cannot find out where I can find the log from madVR - if someone could give me a hint where to find this info, that would be cool.


Turn off hw accerelated in LAVVideo or set it to DXVA Copy back. See if it's help. I had similar problem like this when I use CUDA.

Hi Oldpoem,
HW acceleration was turned off. Changing it to DXVA2 copy back does not solve the problem. Anyways, thanks for you idea. Let's see if someone else has another idea.

I hope I don't sound ungrateful, but for me madVR is only creating problems. Another problem is that moving the picture up/down doesn't work with madVR; I am using this function with my beamer where I usually move the picture down to the bottom end of the screen; works perfectly with EVR.

If someone could give me a hint on how I could avoid madVR with dsplayer and instead use the EVR again I would really be grateful.

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