Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-21, 13:52)*Roma* Wrote:
(2015-09-21, 13:18)Bjur Wrote: Regarding the madvr settings. All my other videos doesn't have a problem, so is there a possibility for on TV stuff to use other profile?
You can enable "Load and Save with DSPlayer database" in DSPlayer settings, and configure madVR from within Kodi.

Load and Save with DSPlayer database: Enabling this option allows basic configuration of madVR from within Kodi. These settings are accessed during video playback by selecting Video Settings. Video settings are set on a per video basis but can be saved as a global profile for all videos. DSPlayer will create its own DSPlayer Profile Group in the madVR control panel when this setting is enabled. This is a dummy profile and not meant for external configuration. Internal settings tables always take precedence.

(2015-09-21, 13:18)Bjur Wrote: Regarding the Live TV fast channel switching. I'm using ffmpeg as you recommended in the guide, where that menu is not visible. If I choose TSReader I can't view TV. What should I select?
You have to use ffmpeg in MediaPortal addon, i meant changing "Live TV fast channel switching" settings in advancedsettings.xml - instructions for Isengard DSPlayer 15.2 RC1

Thanks roma. Disable fast channel switching did work. I would of course like faster switching, but it works and that's the important part.

Regarding the profile. I am using load from madvr active profile, so if I uninstall Kodi I still have the profiles in madVR. But is it possible to use a specific madVR profile for only TS which I think it's using and lower the madVR profile only on this LiveTV and everything else higher profiles? if I read the description above I can't use that for this specific scenario.

PS. A huge thanks for all the great work especially by aracnoz and also roma and Warner for the help and contribution to this project.

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