Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-24, 12:10)axlt2002 Wrote:
(2015-09-24, 10:07)aracnoz Wrote: everything it's ready, i'm just testing these new things

Grazie mille! Will you release a second RC2 installation or wait for the final release of 15.2? Just to know...I'm really waiting for that! Nod

the final version should be out in the first days of october, so i prefer to wait

just to speak about internal lav filter configuration, i had to create a custom build of LavFilters with a patch that it's basically the same used by mpc-hc for the his Internal LavFilters (so thx to Underground78)

the problems could come out when there is a different lavfilters version registered/installed, in this case if you open the property page from the Trayicon will be opened the page that come from the registered filter
so with this mod i can add a custom interface with a callback to handle tray icon "show property page" events and open the internal filter page

it will be always necessary to update the custom build for the internal filter configuration, it should no be a big deal (it's the same also for mpc-hc)

but this custom build plus other fixes that i made (even for the property pages) will guarantee that there will be any issue with future DSPlayer releases by installing different version of LavFilter from the internal one but with the current DSPlayer this will cause issue, so for those are using "internal filter" configuration, pls don't not update LavFilter, don't not install LavFilters 0.66

just stay with 0.65 for another week until the next version of DSPlayer Smile

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