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Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-01, 18:01)SoundsGreat Wrote: Hi,

First off thanks for this wonderful player,Am soo hooked to this that anything else seems pale in comparison !!

My Config :

CPU :AMD A68i-E350 (Biostar A68i-E350 Deluxe R2.0)
RAM : 6Gb DDR3
Win 8.1 (DX11.1)

I have a problem,I updated to the latest beta driver from AMD 15.8 to 15.9 and also updated the Lav filters and MadVR to the latest (via K-Lite Codec pack). Ever since that the video is all choppy no matter what I try,have tried all the setting from setting it to the DXVA to the lanczos 3taps to Bilinear etc to avail (With Jinc and Super Xbr 150 it gets stuck and sometimes FC) !

I tried to downgrade the MadVR and LAV to a older version and video plays but Audio and Video are out of sync (or video is not playing at normal speed) ! I even tried to return to the old 15.8 driver and reinstalled the latest build of DS Player (Sep20 Build). Now no matter what it just won't play normally.

Please advice as to what could be wrong or how to get it working again ? Also how to get DX 11.2 to install cause I have tried to search for the same but according to MS its only possible via windows update and in windows update Am not able to it normally or via optional updates.


Try using the Internal filters option and see if playback is smooth.
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