Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-02, 21:32)Uoppi Wrote: I think I've encountered a deinterlacing bug. Not sure if it's just madVR or perhaps DSPlayer resolution profile related or whatever:

1) Watch progressive video (doesn't matter whether 720p, 1080p or downscaled UHD).
2) After video ends, start interlaced SD video (SD profile set to auto detect or force video/film - basically any combination of deinterlacing settings).
3) Observe from OSD that deinterlacing doesn't trigger.
4) Stop and restart the same interlaced video.
5) Observe deinterlacing working ok now.

Win10 64bit, "everything" updated to the latest, GTX 960, Ivy Bridge Pentium.

Test again with an external media player such as MPC-HC. This may be a problem with madVR, not DSPlayer.

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