Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-04, 13:40)FakeShemp Wrote: Hi, can any of the experts here help me out before I go mad or lose the will to live because I can't track down my problem, everythings been working perfectly for a few months now and then for some unknown reason MadVR won't go into exclusive mode. I've re-installed 15.2 RC2, also uninstalled MadVR deleted all setting and the reg key, re-installed MadVR but nothing works.
Kodi setup is as follows >
System>Video output>
Display Mode = Full Screen #2
Res = 720p
Use Fullscreen Window = enabled
Kodi Video>DSPlayer
Manage settings with Kodi = never
Delay Playback until render queue full = enabled
Use Fullscreen Exclusive Mode = enabled
Force Exit from Fullscreen before stop = enabled
Internal Filters = enabled

MadVR general settings
Delay playback start until render queu is full = enabled
Enable automatic fullscreen window = enabled
Use Direct3D 11 and present a frame for every Vsync = enabled

Any ideas??Huh
Just to add it's a Samsung TV connected via HDMI to 2nd output on a ATI 4000HD series card.

Please don't waste any time on this I've solved itBig Grin somehow my GPU scaling had got altered on my display driver and I compensated for that by tweaking the the video calibration setting under Kodi>System MadVR didn't like that.

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