Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-04, 16:22)snowpiercer Wrote: Is an Intel iGPU like HD6000 capable for madvr settings like jinc, superxbr, adaptivesharpen, superres..?

You might be able to run Jinc or super-xbr, but likely not. If possible, you would be limited to scaling to 1080p. And you won't be able to combine Jinc or super-xbr with any type of image sharpening.

The best you could hope for is using the default scaling algorithms and adding FineSharp or LumaSharpen as Image Enhancements or Upscaling Refinement. But even this would be close to the limits of the HD 6000.

To use every feature of madVR, you really need a dedicated GPU.

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