Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-05, 18:25)fullsun Wrote: It's not impossible, this fix is for VSfilter where the subtitle always goes to the center. 89.5 have this issue.

(2015-10-05, 18:50)spiderben25 Wrote: It's indeed working with latest build and madVR 0.89.5.

ok will send a message to madshi for that

Knight77 Wrote:I think I've got a little problem: I followed the instructions and installed everything as described but, even if I selected "fullscreen exclusive mode" in the DSPlayer settings and in madvr itself, if I play a video and check with ctrl+J I see "D3D windowed"...... Is it normal? Should it be fullscreen exclusive? How can I fix this? I tried everything :-(

i always suggested to set Kodi in windowed mode to avoid any problem with madVR fullscreen exclusive/windowed mode, anyway in your case i think maybe some addons or an external window that maintain the focus does not permit madvr to enter in exclusive mode, a full debug log could be useful

(2015-10-05, 19:05)SoundsGreat Wrote: 2. Although I have DX11.1 and have enabled exclusive mode Am not seeing the same on stats (had to disable exclusive to take screen shot),It shows D3D9 which means its using DX9 and not 11. How do I get it use DX11 ??

you have to set madVR to present in dx11 in madVR trayicon "rendering - general settings - use Direct3D 11 for presentation" then you should see D3D11

just to be more clear on dx11 etc etc... with everyone

the Kodi branch used by DSPlayer does the rendering in dx11, DSPlayer sends the texture with the entire KODI GUI to madVR that render everything in dx9, then you can choose if the presentation of the final result should be in dx11 or in dx9 but madVR rendering will remain always in dx9

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