Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-11, 22:13)Warner306 Wrote:
(2015-10-11, 10:13)gotham_x Wrote: Thanks for your feedback, if you have implemented the right way, content to 1080p> 1080p, with a setting of chroma upscaling set for example with super-xbr150 + AR (High Processing), you should seize substantial differences in the level of an image better output, by contrast, with a setting of chroma upscaling set with NNEDI3 (Maximum Processing) 32/64/128 neurons in this case only for 1080p content you are watching, is that correct? but as suggested, focus on setting (High processing) to content to 1080p and double image with mixed content 1080p / 720p processing algorithm NNEDI3.
So in this case, mixed content at 1080p / 720p would be enough to set only one profile in the profile madVR as suggested?

The profile posted would be for 720p content. 1080p videos could use NNEDI3 with high neurons because image upscaling is unnecessary. 720p would be all about image doubling and upscaling refinement, so chroma upscaling could be reduced.

I would recommend pushing your graphics card with each profile if you have the room.

Thanks Warner, always available to help make it clear in certain situations, such as that in this case, with the recommended settings for Scaling Algorithms, to my eyes seemed a bit 'too low profile for just content to 1080p for a graphics card of a certain level like the GTX 970.
The fact is that I have misunderstood, obviously have a profile content to 720p, it approffitta if you can suggest a profile for SD content for my GTX 970
Thank you in advance.

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