Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-13, 18:27)XTrojan Wrote: So, has XySub development ended, or whos taking care of it now?
The situation is unclear. Apparently the main developer is not really actively involved nowadays. The latest release came due to madshi direct involvement, that's why now we have XySub rendering subs on black bars in madVR. At least the dev is around, as he's updated the opening post on Doom9 with the new build. I really don't know if XySub might be considered feature complete now (it looks to me to be pretty complete, but I might definitely be missing something) and we don't know whether further development will happen. As I mentioned on Doom9, the code is open source... so we always have the option of others working on it. So far so good, anyway Smile
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