Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-15, 22:46)Doom10 Wrote:
(2015-10-15, 15:13)gotham_x Wrote: In general, the size and color of the graphics card how to set it? I have these default values in Display -> Change resolution.

Desktop 32-bit color depth =

Intensity of color 'output = 8 bpc - or (12 bpc)

Color format of 'output = RGB - or (YCbCr422 / YCbCr444)

Dynamic range of the output = Limited - or (Maximum)


I think it is a mistake to feed the TV Full Range RGB unless it has been tested to show those levels accurately. Many TVs have a PC mode, but not all show whiter-than-white and blacker-than-black correctly. Some only offer Full Range RGB for calibration purposes but are meant to display Limited 16-235. So I disagree strongly with that post.

Regardless, I use the first option. The tradeoff involves adding extra dithering to the image, but I can't see any difference with my eyes. Also, other computer applications maintain correct levels. I don't feel like I'm cheating myself at all. Further, my TV isn't forced to use its PC mode, where the original 16-235 source is being upscaled for display by the TV.

This is from Reference Home Theatre:

Q: My TV supports Full mode, shouldn’t I use this?

A: No. TVs support Full to make them easier to calibrate. Most TVs will not display a black level below 16 because video content should never have it. By letting you see Black 15 or 14, it can make it easier to calibrate the display and get the black level correct. However, you really should not use this as your main setting as most displays are not designed to display levels below 16, and often introduce color tints when doing white levels past 240 or so. Additionally, if you restrict yourself to levels 16-235 you wind up with a brighter image with a better contrast ratio, as you can turn up the contrast level higher. Contrast Ratio is the thing your eye notices most, and so it will produce a more pleasing image.

Also, since any non-video game content will only use 16-235, these picture settings will work for all inputs and sources, not just a single source.

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