Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-17, 21:31)vicmanpergar Wrote: @Warner396 @Doom10

Aw, that makes me happy, don't get me wrong guys, i was just bit afraid the conversation was going that way, where one says black and other says white. It is always very nice to come and read the ppl who know lot more than me about the technic matters, i'm always eager to listen what Warner, or anyone who really know better, have to share about all this, it is very helpful.

The only true way to settle this matter is to look at calibration results in full range RGB mode versus limited RGB for a given TV and compare the measured black level, contrast ratio and Delta-E values. If they are the same, PC mode would be a safe choice. This would be more important than the chance of adding banding or dithering noise, which would be difficult for most people to detect.

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