Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
I tweaked the language in the guide one more time to be more democratic. But it's still not perfect. But my writing skills never are:

Proper RGB output levels are necessary when passing from PC to TV color spaces. When sending video via HDMI to a TV, the most straightforward color space is set as follows (Note: LAV Video RGB settings do not apply):

(madVR) PC levels (0-255) -> (GPU) Limited Range RGB 16-235 -> (TV) Output as RGB 16-235

madVR expands the source 16-235 signal to full range RGB leaving the conversion back to 16-235 to the graphics card. Expanding the source prevents the GPU from clipping the image during conversion to 16-235.

If your HTPC is a dedicated Kodi machine, an alternative approach is possible.

Alternative Color Space Configuration:

(madVR) TV levels (16-235) -> (Kodi) Use limited color range (16-235) -> (GPU) Full Range RGB 0-255 -> (TV) Output as RGB 16-235

In this configuration, the signal remains 16-235 until it reaches the TV avoiding any conversion by the GPU. This is the most pure path, which preserves the original levels and minimizes added dithering. However, other computer applications will appear over-saturated as a result unless they are also configured to use 16-235 levels. Kodi must be configured under System -> Video output to use a limited color range to match madVR.

A final option involves setting your TV to output RGB 0-255 and leaving all settings at full range. madVR expands the source to 0-255 and displays it full range on your television. The TV must first be calibrated while set to full range RGB (e.g. PC mode). The result can vary depending on how well your TV displays whiter-than-white and blacker-than-black values. This may be the optimal setting for TVs with a PC setting and reduces the chance of added banding when the GPU must convert to a limited range.

PC Color Space Configuration:

(madVR) PC levels (0-255) -> (GPU) Full Range RGB 0-255 -> (TV) Output as RGB 0-255

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