Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
"Like it or not, or sore!" I think that's a topic for new usufruitore not heal because already discussed, even though it appears that you have written many words, for me being noob regarding using madVR, the subject matter is still interesting ln line with the thread.

For example on my TV KDL-46HX900 full led, there are two options in Settings Video Input (Dynamic Range RGB) Limited / Full.
If imposed Full with options: (madVR) TV levels (16-235) -> (Kodi) Use limited color range (16-235) -> (GPU) Full Range RGB 0-255 -> (TV) Output as RGB 16-235
and / or
(MadVR) PC levels (0-255) -> (GPU) Full Range RGB 0-255 -> (TV) Output as RGB 0-255

The result is that he is gray bands, blacks drowned and a generally very faded picture with the Full mode, I do not know ', perhaps this is due please callibrato for RGB Full, interesting would be convinced what use if the RGB Full end you have these results


Where to look for in madVR SuperRes sharpness level 2, then Catmull-rom image downscaling, stairs linear light must be turned off, if I understood the right way your EDIT to post higher.

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