Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-19, 13:54)Knight77 Wrote: Hi Warner, I'll post this also here, maybe you'll have the chance to reply

Warner306;1743284 Wrote:Image Enhancements will do the same thing as Upscaling Refinement when applied to an image already resized. It sharpens the luma to add detail to the image. Upscaling Refinement does the same but waits for resizing to take place. So, both could be considered post-resize sharpening.

I've seen from your posts and your (very good) guide that when there's not image upscaling (ex. 720p>1080p) you prefer to do not activate Superres in Chroma Upscaling but you prefer Finesharp in Image Enhancement, is because you do not think that SR in that case is visible/useful?

Another thing that really interest me is to understand the "real" difference between xbr-100 and 150, I could not find any comparison but just people preferring one or the other but without a real explanation of the reason.

720p to 1080p requires image upscaling. Any resize that requires upscaling is best used with SuperRes. Otherwise, you are stuck with Image Enhancements, where I prefer FineSharp.

SuperRes chroma is a different algorithm than SuperRes luma and I don't like how it looks. Also, sharpening the chroma layer doesn't do a whole lot to image quality, so I skip this setting. You could try it yourself and let your eyes be the judge. There is no right or wrong answer. What I posted were my preferences.

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