Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-20, 15:16)oldpoem Wrote:
(2015-10-20, 15:05)ashlar Wrote: No, I haven't. If it doesn't work it should be notified to devs, as there's no reason for it not working if older codecs do work.

Maybe aracnoz can look into this h265 / hevc string issue and can tell what exact rule to be defined. But for now filename rule is working solution.

the rule should be defined in this way

    <rule filetypes="mkv">
      <source filter="lavsource_internal" />
      <splitter filter="lavsplitter_internal" />
        <video videocodec="hevc" filter="lentoid_hevc_decoder" />
        <video filter="lavvideo_internal" />
      <audio filter="lavaudio_internal" />
      <subs filter="xysubfilter_internal" />

at moment there is not a way to set this rule by Kodi GUI, i will add with next build the "videocodec" parameter also for <rule> and it will be possible to set also by the GUI

the important thing it's always that the rule with more parameters and so restrictions should be placed at first place because it's always selected the rule with the first match

so to be more clear in this way it il will be always loaded lavvideo_internal instead of lenoid...

  <video filter="lavvideo_internal" />
  <video videocodec="hevc" filter="lentoid_hevc_decoder" />

and it will be the same with new <rule> videocodec parameters

(2015-10-20, 21:28)steelman1991 Wrote: Anyone else experiencing issues with the rendering of 'forced' subtitles. Successful display seems particularly random. I have several files which work correctly and others which don't - there is no pattern to it at all. I am presently using 'internal filters' and have attached a log from a file that I know has a 'forced' subtitle header, but which point blank refuses to render. This is a fairly recent addition, so I'm not sure if the others in my collection are working because they have been played previously with a working version - sure I read somewhere that playback states were retained.

Using the Isengard 15.2 DX11 build from the 1st post.

I have also added the media info from the actual file showing the header confirmation


i made some quickly test with forced subtitles and seems works for me, maybe can you provide a sample of one of this problematics file

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