Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
@gotham_x, reclock icon needs to be green. or flashing red to green while it calculates the timing. I would guess from your settings that the problem could be one of a couple of things.

First change the hardware interface setting on the video page from direct draw to automatic.

I think your problem however is related to your bitstream settings on the audio settings page. You have it set so reclock will not adjust the media speed. You must have that unchecked if your trying to play at different refresh rates and don't want skipped/repeated video frames... But to be honest you should not be using bitstreaming at all if your trying to go from 24p to 25p or visaversa. You should only think about using the bitstream settings when going from 23.976 to 24p or visa versa.

The problem people have understanding reclock is they don't understand how the development changed..... It was created for people who wanted to play 24p content on a TV that did not support native 24p refresh rates and to correctly match refresh rates... When development stopped and slysoft took it over they took reclock in a different direction from its initial design and tried to made it more as an audio product.

That final setting on the audio page 'disable media speed correction with bitstream audio (recommended)' is the prime example of where reclock development went in the wrong way and why it can be confusing.... It can be equally argued that this setting should be flagged as 'not reconnended' over 'recommended'.

It comes down to this.....

If you use reclock and you want perfect bitstreamed audio, reclock forces video frame skips and repeats so bitstream audio remains accurate then you have the box checked.

If you use reclock because you want stutter free video at the expense bitstreamed audio dropping or repeating audio packets then you want this setting unchecked.

As I said though, you really should not be using bitstreaming at all when going 24p to 25p or visa versa.... You want reclock to resample the audio stream so it matches the video framerate.

[edit addition]
So in your case I hope you can now see why your getting a framedrop every second. I would say disable that final bitstream setting. Confirm video frames are no longer dropping and that reclock icon goes green. Once that's good think about not using bitstreaming if your going to be playing 25p content at 24p. I would also say not to use lav/madvr treat 25p and 24p settings and let reclock do it all. Only look at the madvr/lav settings if reclock is not doing it correctly.... Reclock was doing the job just fine long before madvr or lav filters were created.

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