Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
@Razoola @Warner360

After an almost sleepless night, he reclock guilty, of course you are joking.

I go step by step, I found out why I was always yellow icon reclock , in LAV Audio, NOT I had eliminated all HD audio codecs, such as citation guide, Warner360

Note: If using ReClock, it advised to be output as PCM audio to make use of average speed correction (uncheck all boxes).

By doing so, icon Reclock working red / green, clearing Bitstream as screenshots

If I understand correctly, it should be set like this, correct ?


MadVR -> Disply Modes , activated ,treat 25p movies as 24p!

With these corrections settings Reclock : ONLY PCM audio to my AVR, so I lost AUDIO HD, not good !!!

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