Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-24, 10:33)gotham_x Wrote: @Razoola @Warner360

After an almost sleepless night, he reclock guilty, of course you are joking.

I go step by step, I found out why I was always yellow icon reclock , in LAV Audio, NOT I had eliminated all HD audio codecs, such as citation guide, Warner360

Note: If using ReClock, it advised to be output as PCM audio to make use of average speed correction (uncheck all boxes).

By doing so, icon Reclock working red / green, clearing Bitstream as screenshots

If I understand correctly, it should be set like this, correct ?


MadVR -> Disply Modes , activated ,treat 25p movies as 24p!

With these corrections settings Reclock : ONLY PCM audio to my AVR, so I lost AUDIO HD, not good !!!

You didn't lose HD audio; it is just unpacked into PCM streams. It is still decoded from digital to analog by the receiver. The sound quality won't suffer. If you want to remove PAL speedup, then you must make this compromise. If PAL speedup doesn't bother you, then you can go back to bitstreaming. ReClock must resample the audio in order to match the framerate.

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