Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
the bit deep output doesn't change the colorspace it is still BT 709 with a BT 709 source with default settings.

10 bit is a recommended for BT 2020 but you can still display it with 8 bit or even lower bit deep.

that's why i like to say you don't get more different color you get more steps between each color. 8 bit green 256 and 10 bit green 1024 are still 100 % the same color.

and you get float point math from converting YCbCr to RGB so there is now kind of over 10 bit data available. the difference for bt 709 is not really worth it.if you take into a count no plasma can even do 8 bit (they are kind of different and that's why they are more noisy than they should be) and most screen are 8 bit only. so don't put to much time into this. this get's important with the UBD.

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