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(2015-10-27, 04:35)Talguy Wrote: @ionutm80, when you're playing a movie what profile in the Madvr config window is highlighted in bold font? one of the three your created or one of the DSPlayer ones?

(2015-10-27, 05:59)Warner306 Wrote:
(2015-10-27, 03:58)ionutm80 Wrote:
(2015-10-26, 18:52)Talguy Wrote: @ionutm80, Do you have any of Madvr's zoom options active?

Hi, no zoom options checked in madVR. As said this does not happen in mpc-hc. What is also very strange is that in spite of the fact that I set Kodi to load from active madVR profile it still created its own profile in madVR settings ignoring what I have already set there. For ref. I had 3 profiles for 1080p, 720p and SD movies am now I have a 4th one called DSPlayer ... I'm lost.

You probably set Kodi to create internal tables and played a video once and don't know it. Delete this dummy profile and see if it is replaced. This has happened to me before.

Hi, coming back with a feedback. I have deleted all madVR profiles created by DSPlayer and you were right: I tried to play a movie before remembering to set "load from madVR active profile". But ... the problem remained. So I started to take it on a step-by-step approach and also tested on a weaker system with only 1 madVR profile, an Intel NUC with Core I3 4010u. To my surprise immediately after I disable SVP, everything went butter smooth with Kodi + active madVR profile, I could even check Smooth Motion ON and the NUC was still holding with 0 dropped frames. It seems that there is a problem when Kodi fullscreen interacts with SVP after the former starts to interpolates frames up to 59.94 (TV resolution is 60 and movies are all blu-ray rips at 23,976).
And it's not a problem of resources, I put 1g profile in SVP and tweaked madVR to only use DXVA scalling for everything including chroma. In MPC-HC GPU load is about 40-50% and CPU load varies between 65-85% load, perfectly stable. In Kodi after the strange zoom takes place the CPU is sky rocketing to 95-99% and I get warning messages from SVP. I haven't changed anything in Kodi settings except for the 3 files in DSPlayer folder given by a user from SVP forum: filtersconfig.xml, mediasconfig.xml and shaders.xml. I have attached some print screens of these files, Is there something that should not be there? Or is wrongly set?

Thanks a lot in advance for feedback.
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