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(2015-10-29, 22:51)Warner306 Wrote:
(2015-10-29, 13:44)huhn Wrote: deinterlacing is done automaticly. of cause DVD playback is fully supported.

BTW. DVD movies shouldn't be deinterlaced they should be IVTC because they are 99% telecine not interlaced and madVR support this too.

Are you saying DVD movies are being automatically interlaced and they shouldn't be? Or is this related to a setting in madVR?

You brought up a deinterlacing option in another thread that I didn't understand.

there is deinterlancing (video mode) and IVTC (film mode).

IVTC is a field matching algorithm that recreates the orginal 23p from a movie this only works with telecine content. a movie on DVD is either hard telecine or soft telecine.

when the deinterlacer is used on telecine content like a movie on a DVD than you get a 3:2 pattern judder with blended frames at 60 fps and not smooth at all.

a good deinterlancer on pal 25 FPS movies is totally fine. it just results in 50 FPS which each frame repeated which is smooth. just a waste of processing power.

so a deinterlacer shouldn't be used with a DVD movie IVTC is the solution.

if you want to read a little bit about telecine here you go: https://trac.handbrake.fr/wiki/Telecine

EDIT: of course there is content on DVD that isn't telecine. content that is hybrid or interlaced that content needs a deinterlacer. for example the venture brothers season 1 is hybrid content IVTC doesn't work on it. season 2 is pure 3:2 telecine and IVTC works totally fine. but this is a series not a movie. movies are kind of always telecine.

i asked about this:
Quote:is "only deinterlace pixel in the middle of the frame" the setting from processing -> deinterlacing "only look at pixels in the center (good for broadcasts, bad for anime)"


if yes it should be renamed it does something different for IVTC. deinterlacing is not effected by it. only deinterlacing the middle of a screen is totally pointless ^^.

so yeah is this the case? is this option "only look at pixels in the center (good for broadcasts, bad for anime)"

if yes this option only uses the middle of the screen to check for the telecine pattern but the whole frame is later field match.

this is good because floating text (earthquake warnings) on broadcast 60i is usually 30p or true interlaced 60i while the movie it self is 3:2 telecine. so without that option the field matching algorithm will fail in this case.

(2015-10-30, 00:56)LePousson Wrote: I have asked a question several days ago and nobody replied to me, even after 2 messages I posted to request a reply ...

Can someone tell me where and what I should modify to make that Kodi DSPlayer would play DVD ISO files and would also activate a deinterlace filter ??

Thanks to take a short time to help me with that ...
if the stream is flagged interlaced (that's the case with interlaced DVDs) DXVA deinterlacing is used at least with default settings. to get this you have to do nothing at all.

which player doesn't deinerlaced an interlaced flagged stream?

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