Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-01, 09:46)djoole Wrote: Hi,

I've got a problem with latest release.
I'm trying to use D3D11 for presentation, but i have huge frame drops and presentation glitches.

- if i let Kodi change the refresh display, no frame drop, FSE used, but refresh is set to 60Hz for 24p content
- if i let madVR change the refresh, refresh is set to 24Hz, but FSE is not used and i have frame drops/presentation glitches.

No problem if i deactivate D3D11 in madVR, but i would like to make it work with D3D11 because there is a huge performance gain over D3D9 which would permit to use more image enhancement..

Here is my config :




Note :
If D3D9 used and madVR set to handle refresh change, FSE is not used but no frame drops
If D3D9 used and Kodi set to handl refresh change, FSE is used and still no frame drops (my actual config since D3D11 doesn't work)

There is no performance gain in madVR settings. Entering and exiting fullscreen exclusive mode will be faster. D3D11 is mostly needed for 10-bit output.

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