Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-31, 17:58)ashlar Wrote: Hi Aracnoz, I fully understand what you are saying. I personally don't know why your awesome job so far hasn't attracted developers interested in helping. But I think nothing from Team Kodi stops you from seeking them. I'm not a coder, so I don't know how one would go looking for volunteers on such a job. I know that if I was a coder I would jump on the chance to help on DSPlayer. Even more so now that a road is appearing for it to be "officially" available as an option (referring to the recent VideoPlayer developments).
I also don't know how would do to recruit developers for DSPlayer, i'm here and would be great to have more than one at work on DSPlayer, anyway some days ago i worked on the dsplayer's code to remove all the useless parts to make it less invasive in the original Kodi code and to adapt to the new test branch that was talking about @afedchin, it's a first step but at moment i think that we will never see DSPlayer in an official release, infact i stopped this kind of work when i realized that was totally useless to continue to optimize without a confront with team kodi members, anyway this it's the branch


(2015-11-02, 23:31)Uoppi Wrote: @aracnoz,

It seems to be precisely the two latest DSPlayer builds that are not receiving the AR message from the stream during playback - not the previous builds.

Previously DSPlayer could read the AR info from the http stream - just like LAV splitter, madVR and DVDPlayer still do - and change AR during playback. Whereas currently even when LAV splitter is set to use stream AR and madVR OSD correctly indicates a switch from 16:9 to 4:3 based on that info, DSPlayer ignores this and continues to display 4:3 (or 1.25:1 according to Kodi's view mode OSD) as stretched to 16:9. Sometimes, but not always, the picture very briefly does change to the right AR but is quickly stretched back to 16:9.

(As there seems to be no way for you to reproduce this, I was also asking if there's any hack or setting to revert back to the previous AR detection behaviour which still worked.)

sorry there is nothing that you can do to revert this behavior, you should find another free stream with the "issue" to give me a chance to reproduce

(2015-11-08, 01:04)Warner306 Wrote: @aracnoz,

madVR has updated and streamlined the Image Enhancements and Upscaling Refinement options. Some options have been removed and four new shaders are available.


reading the forum seems that this is a work in progress... so i will wait some weeks before to add these new settings, for dsplayer users that want to use the gui i suggest to stay with madVR 0.89.13

anyway i will not release another Isengard build, the next one should be direclty the first Jarvis beta

(2015-11-08, 11:19)tomakas123 Wrote: Its posible to use EVR render with Kodi and DSPlayer, because LiveTV and madvr is terrible quality ?

I worked on EVR in the last few days, i find a way to make it work with Kodi but it will continue to work in dx9, it was too much work to entirely rewrite EVR in dx11, so now it will work by creating his own d3d device in dx9 the Kodi GUI it's drawn on EVR like with madVR, there is only a problems with the fullscreen exclusive mode that at moment don't work

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