Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-10, 04:07)geofred1993 Wrote: @aracnoz

The official kodi dev team is working hard on a new video player.
As it has to run on many different kind of device, spending time on a directshow based player is completely useless.

Furthermore kodi dsplayer needs madvr, a closed source software.
Recently madshi included new sharpen algorithms. Unfortunately he doesn't want to share the code behind them.

Finally the mpv player that is cross-platform becomes more robust on windows and has almost every madvr features and some interesting exclusive ones.

Kodi is crossplatform, but then each ambient has their own way to render, if you install kodi on Windows you will have the DirectX that are completly useless for the other platforms, so integrate a DirectShow system only for windows shouldn't be too much to accept... I see Kodi like a mini OS that contains and can executes others software, then it's a good thing that there is an efficient internal decoder but for me shouldn't be an imposition if there is a way to choose also an external decoder, i don't know if you like to have a Windows that can execute the video only with Windows Media Player, i suppose that in microsoft there is a team only to develop their own player but it's a good things to have an alternative, another "strange" example it's with the first version of Apple iOS where was not allowed to develop a web browser because there was already Safari... at same way in kodi would be great to have the possibility to choose a different decoder/renderer when and if it's possible

then for the question about open/closed source etc, there is mpc-hc that is an opensource software with madVR support i don't see reason why Kodi could not do the same "officially"

i don't know if dsplayer it's not considered by them because there is already an internal way to manage these things or for other reasons, i never had a discussion on this with team kodi and never will be, i don't think that their are interested to this project otherwise during this years something would be already done

the difference it's that now i see every days new users in this thread interested to DSPlayer and i really would improve and support all of you but i'm always only one developer

anyway if i'm here to develop for DSPlayer is clear that I do not share their philosophy but I respect their decisions

(2015-11-12, 00:42)Warner306 Wrote: @aracnoz

Is it possible for to look into adding support for the CinemaVision Add-on?


Again, this is not big deal to me, but it would be nice to have support if it is not too difficult to add.

addons support is not as easy as you might imagine, because i have also to study the python code of the addons to figure out what it's happening...

in this case, cinemavision between trailer, presentation etc etc, executes a "dummy video" that is stopped just after that Player thread it's created, i really don't know why this "dummy video" should be played/stopped in a millisecond and don't just execute the playlist, another strange things it's that when a video it's completed the plugin sends another command of stop that should be useless because the player perform the stop by it self when the file it's completed. There may be good reasons for doing it this way but this it's the problem with DSPlayer that could crash if you stop while it's generating the filter graph, i prepared a workaround for this, but i really cannot do this kind of job again for others plugin, sorry too much efforts to study each addon code

just for fun I modified a file in cinemavision to not use the these "dummy video" that could work with current isengard dsplayer


it's untested, because even with the official Kodi and dvdplayer i'm not able to run cinemavision without issue, then next DSPlayer build will include the workaround that may solve the problem


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