Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-13, 22:35)Talguy Wrote: Alright guys, I got some questions mostly about Reclock, SVP and one about PVR.

Now that I finally have Reclock working on my machine for HD audio formats, I’ve been using DSPlayer as the version of Kodi I run daily. However, it looks like Reclock is not working 100% for me. This is a small problem, but a problem it is. When I go to play a video encoded with MP3 audio or a 2.0 format, the video starts up but a reclock error message pops up saying my hardware doesn’t support this format. It says a few other things about padding and floating point size, but I don’t remember exactly what as I’m at work right now. Has anyone encountered an issue like this before and now how to solve it?

The other question I have about using Reclock while running SVP4. Last night I noticed that when I ran SVP4 with DSPlayer Reclock wouldn’t detect SVP4’s refresh rate but would instead use the video’s original refresh rate. This didn’t allow me to hit 60fps frame interpolation. It seemed like when I started a video it takes SVP4 some time to start up and start interpolating frames, when Reclock starts up right away. Maybe a way to solve this is to delay Reclocks startup by a few seconds. Anyone know how to do this?

Another question I have is more for the SVP users. SVP is great and all. I find that I like it better with animation then live action videos. Is there a rule I can implement somewhere that enables SVP when a certain condition is met? I’m thinking I’ll go into ever file that I would like to run SVP with and place an “(SVP)” tag into the file name. Something like that

Also can anyone tell me what I need to add to my Merits file inorder to watch Live TV. I’m not sure if the ServerWMC’s video stream is supported by DSPlayer (I hope it is), but I wouldn’t mind using DVDPlayer either as long as I can watch my live tv.

I’m so close to my ultimate setup and it’ll get even better once I get a new license to windows 10 for the new much more powerful HTPC.

Live TV protocols could include any of the following: daap|rtv|rtsp|rtmp|http|https|rtmpe|rtsp|mms|rtp|pvr.

Video addons use http|https, so you might want to remove those two protocols. I don't think DSPlayer supports WMC as a backend, so you would have to use another backend or DVDPlayer.

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