Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

It took awhile but I finally got ffdshow audio decoder to load in DSPlayer. In Kodi DSPlayer under Settings|Video|DSPlayer I set ffdshow as an external filter but it wouldn't load. I made sure that everything was 32bit and tested ffdshow audio successfully in MPC. I then only stumbled across this by chance when playing around with bitstreaming in DSPlayer. It seems that you need to enable bitstreaming in Video|DSPlayer|Audio Decoder for the streams you want ffdshow to handle. So if I want ffdshow to decode DTS and AC3 then I need to enable bitstreaming on DTS and AC3 which will mean that DSPlayer will load ffdshow for DTS and AC3 but not for other streams.

This kind of makes sense because I think that for those streams that have bitstreaming enabled DSPlayer won't use it's internal decoder and instead load the external filter (if applicable) and simply pass the encoded stream on.

Does this sound right? I mean is this how it is meant to work? or is this a bug or am I simply missing something?

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