Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
Some quick questions...


I had to format and reinstall everything on my PC (because new CPU & Mobo) when I installed again Kodi with DSplayer I noticed that the function of madVR which recognize the black bars and move the subs there was not working anymore, then I recalled the post written by aracnoz saying that

"i will include the new internal xysubfilter with the next release in the while you can replace the dll with this one


<your path>\Kodi\system\players\dsplayer\XySubFilter\XySubFilter.dll

@for everyone

if you are experiencing high gpu load while pause there will be a new madVR with a workaround to fix the issue"

So I downloaded the file and overwrote it and it worked again. But isn't the release 19 October 2015 (f273f06) already post this? Just to understand if then that file has been included or my install had some bug and if with next releases I'll have to overwrite it again.


In the latest madVR releases the setting for Finesharp doesn't exist anymore and new functions have been added but now they are not yet selectable in this DSPlayer version. What's the situation? Even if I cannot select them in DSplayer/Kodi they are working? Since they're not selectable they're not? And the Finesharp setting is it useless now?

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