Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-18, 00:35)gotham_x Wrote: @Warner306

In fact, I agree that the switching frequency should be set by the GUI Kodi, it appears that in the previous version Kodi DSPlayer (Video -> Playback -> Adjust display refresh rate) was a setting to 'START / STOP and everything worked perfectly.
In madVR where you have to look if these features are disabled?

Either kodi and madvr has their own refresh rate switching procedure. The settings in Kodi GUI control Kodi's own not madvr. In general you want only one enabled not both. So if you enable it through Kodi GUI you are advised to disable madvr anyway.

If you want to use madvr one, you have to manually enable in madvr control panel and disable Kodi's through GUI.

But from my past experience I have better result with Kodi enabled and madvr disabled.

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