Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

Quote:I haven't noticed any change from past builds. I'm guessing something needs to be adjusted on your end. But it could be a bug in DSPlayer.

Hard to tell without a debug log.

Thanks for the reply,Well Am not sure as to what else I do from my end to..... Like already mentioned I had disabled all the things in Madvr. There is nothing else to adjust as there is no option enabled to adjust !

Anyways was upset with the whole thing and as mentioned earlier reverted to old build,sadly didn't save the log file and now its deleted (automatically ??) I only have old log with 19Oct build.

Quote:Try updating madVR to the most recent version as Jarvis includes new madVR features in the GUI.

Okay will again try to install jarvis and also update Madvr manually and revert back,This time will make sure I save the log file.

Quote: I've noticed that anything thats 1080p seems to just cause a black screen that cant be backed out of.

Happens to me all the time even with 720P, The solution I found for that is to minimize kodi and maximize it again (Press \ key to minimize and press \ key again to maximize) this works without a hitch every time for me. once kodi maximizes the video is displayed normally (no blank or black screen).

MOBO :AMD A68i-350
GPU : HD6310 (512MB Shared Memory)

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