Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-25, 17:20)aracnoz Wrote: I have to inform you about my exit from the project DSPlayer, there are no ways to continue without losing respect for myself, I'm maintaining the project by two years but in the last eight months I have been working on this almost 24h / 24h, my big mistake has been spend so much time on something that was not mine, anyway I just cannot find a valid reason for what's happening it's too strange for me

I would to thanks all of you that has supported me during this time I'm really proud of the final result, thx Warner306 for the tremendous support you have given to all users, thx also to the team kodi that gave me the opportunity to grow as developer studing their free code

madshi, I really don't have words to repay the time that you have dedicated to me and this project, I'd love to have a my own program in which to insert madVR but it is not so, my hope is that DSPlayer can continue to live without me

This is my last post, try to understand me, I have to get away totally because in my head it keep coming ideas on how to improve DSPlayer etc etc..., I have to detoxify my brain Smile

it was an honor


Wow, I am crushed! Quitting a hobby because they took the playing field away is hard to accept. I think your talent as a developer is more than obvious. And, as I've said, I hope they are paying you well in your full-time job. I was genuinely impressed and appreciated everything you did.

I really wish you hadn't taken the rejection of DSPlayer so personal. It doesn't have to be perfect and it will always have a group of active followers. Is it even possible to find someone to replace you?

Sad day for me and other DSPlayer users. I had contemplated the possibility of using multiple media front-ends to replace DSPlayer and that day has come.

Death to a legend...

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