Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-26, 11:28)fritsch Wrote: But there is no way of merging (unmaintained) thousands lines of code - that doubles internal player structures - and benefit allover kodi. That step would not make kodi more maintainable but a whole lot less ... You would never ever add a second floor onto a broken baseplate - not if you would plan to live in there with your family ... but you would sanitize and repair the baseplate and when that is done you would think of extending giving base ... this is my point - I hope the picture helps.
Jeez... aracnoz was in the devs section asking about the new Video Player development. He wanted to *understand* how to best fit in what you had in mind, he was willing to adapt, he said as much *and* there was a previous reply by FernetMenta that implied a future where binary addons would be doable. If you don't understand the bad attitude displayed in that discussion by more than one member of Team Kodi, I really don't know what to add. Do you think everything was handled properly? Do you think that the tone of the answers was the right one for somebody approaching the team for working on something?

You say that he left because he was overloaded, but it's there to see that he left because of the reception to his questions.

(2015-11-18, 02:36)aracnoz Wrote: anway when i saw this thread the first time I thought that the final goal was the possibility to have differents videoplayer as binary addons

if one day Kodi will reach this result i will ready to move DSPlayer in that direction

To which the first reply was:
(2015-11-18, 08:12)FernetMenta Wrote: One thing I most dislike about the DSPlayer project and projects like dual audio: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=192480

I haven't seen you contributing a single line of code to our code base.
And then, quite obviously:
(2015-11-18, 23:58)aracnoz Wrote: I'm not a saint but I do not think I should apologize for what I did

anyway, I can understand your points but honestly I only see the alot of "no" "never" "it's useless and without advantages"

so maybe it's not this time Smile
And yet you think he left because he was tired? It's curious that everybody else has understood that the reason was the reception he got when he tried approaching you (Team Kodi). We must all be wrong, surely.
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