Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
I as just a regular user/enthusiast can completely understand the team kodi position opposing a "merging" of DSPlayer only for windows. I love kodi because it does the same thing on all platforms and it allows for a fully open source stack. I personally do not like windows at all. I have my technical reasons but it all comes down to Linux/Android/BSD being my personal preference. So for me Kodi swallowing DSPlayer would be a sad thing. There are not many devs running the project. Having them split between Windoze and RestOfTheUniverse makes zero sense. Instead they are working on a new, flexible system that might bring all the video lovelyness to all of the platforms. One codebase to manage, not two. Super cool.

For outsiders, it can look as if there's hundreds of well paid engineers on a space ship writing the code. In reality the few who work on Kodi are just enormously talented people working in their spare time. It looks like a regular "paid for" product because of the quality and efficiency of their work.

The devs probably work a full day, get home, do all the other stuff and then, instead of sitting down and watching TV with Kodi they are doing a second work shift at a highly skilled tech job for zero pay. It's the textbook definition of a "labor of love". I see why this can quickly become an emotional thing.

Anyway, thanks team Kodi. I can't recount how much fun I have with Kodi and I'm sure there is more coming. Just bought the new hoodie :-)

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