Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
WOW! all this hate towards the Team Kodi members, who without them you would not even have the base that you run DSplayer on!

Like ariendj, what I love about Kodi is that it does exactly the same on all platforms (some differences) but the way to operate it is exactly the same, and with 10 different devices on different platforms running kodi for family and friends, it makes it heaven for me to help them fix things.

@ashlar: What I understood from the Devs posts, is before coming and asking to merge a huge spaghetti code with lots of bugs, first help clean the core, fix it, contribute to it, then come with your big shiny ideas to be discussed. That is what they mean by there was no contribution from DSplayer Dev, he made his work and put huge effort on it and tried to merge it, nothing to do with Kodi core. Also since Binary Addons are not ready yet, isn´t it a little early to discuss the addition of DSplayer, especially since DSplayer has to go under a huge rework to be added?

One last thing, Thank you to all Team Kodi members for making this possible!

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