Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
i also think that picture quality with kodi dsplayer/madvr is better than kodis internal dvd player. but i had kodi dsplayer on a testsystem/pc for work but not on my htpc in my living room. why? because dsplayer was a one-man-show. aracnoz told several times in the past, month ago, that this work is far to much for one person. so i have see this coming what aracnoz is writing in his last post here. the reason he quit his project was he worked 24h a day on this project and has neglect his real life. it has absolutly nothing to do with some "rough" devs here. if you want a better kodi for windows, with features like madvr, this should be done in a way that is accepted and maintained by team kodi because thats the only way that it will "work forever". and fernet menta is one of the devs which is able to do that. and he has startet to do this (see development forum). so please stop hostility here.

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