Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-26, 13:18)sat4all Wrote: maybe instead of asking team kodi for dsplayer adoption we should ask madshi for cross-platform render?

Uhm, sorry, but no, I don't have the development resources for that. Furthermore, I don't think e.g. Linux has a system level plugin system comparable to DirectShow. So even if I did port madVR to Linux, you couldn't just tick some checkbox and then use it in your favorite media player. I'd have to beg every media player developer to add support for such a madVR port, and I'm not sure many would be willing to do that, considering that most of them in the Linux world are open source, while madVR is not. So the whole idea of porting madVR to e.g. Linux is not very attractive to me.

(2015-11-27, 12:39)afedchin Wrote: Just to be honest. I as one developer who supports windows platform (yes, it's me) I don't want to support a huge "black box" like DSPlayer is for me. I'm alone and have no time enough for core Kodi not even speaking about DSPlayer. The main problem of DSPlayer for me as windows developer: there is no a possibility to use madVR renderer without DirectShow filters. If there is a some way to use madVR (through COM) just as another renderer like DXVA, Pixel Shaders or Software, I would be glad to try to implement an integration. But current state of DSPlayer in not acceptable not only for me but for all devs in the team whether you like it or not. Also I didn't like what madVR isn't open source project and I'm realy don't like to working with closed source projects.

I could add a non-DirectShow interface to madVR. But it seems that an "official" Kodi video renderer binary interface might be happening sooner or later, anyway, so maybe we should just wait for that, to save you the development time, and to keep the Kodi code base as clean as possible?

Btw, such an interface would have to go a bit deeper than you probably anticipate right now, because in order to provide *all* the madVR features, I'd need to have control over Direct3D presentation. So the interface would need to include some way for the Kodi main EXE and the video player and the video renderer components to discuss who's in charge of Direct3D etc. I wish a simple "draw frame X and deliver it in a surface or texture" would suffice, but it doesn't. We'd lose half of the madVR features that way. Well, maybe not half, but some of them are quite important.

(2015-11-28, 00:55)geofred1993 Wrote: And why not mpv?

Amazing features:

- Mostly all madvr's features like deband, nnedi3, sharpeners and some more.
- It's fully open source and is available on windows, osx and linux.

It may be a good match for Kodi because it's also open source and multi platform, and it has copied several good ideas from madVR. But don't kid yourself into thinking that it has "mostly all madvr's features". It's quite far from that. Also the quality of some of the key algorithms that mpv does have doesn't match madVR's quality (yet?). I could give you a detailed list of all quality differences, but if I gave you such a list, I already know that you'd forward it to the mpv devs to use as a checklist for their future development, so I'm not going to do that.

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