Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-28, 21:16)SALAMINOMACHOS Wrote: Is anybody here?

I need your help
I'm trying to run the aracnoz's DsPlayer in my nephew's PC
I created a folder/Madvr 89.13 in C:/Program files (x86)
But i cannot extract the files from the ZIP , therefore i cannot run the install.bat
What i'm doing wrong?
Do i need to install the playercorefactory and mediasconfig/filterconfig first?
This is the reason?
Thanks for your attention

you are most likely on windows 10 take a different folder like C:\madVR and it should work.
if this doesn't work ask again i will help.

(2015-11-29, 02:59)Koying Wrote:
(2015-11-29, 00:05)ashlar Wrote: Also, criticizing madshi seems kind of nearsighted, considering how much he's contributing to raising the bar for htpc playback quality.

Criticizing him? He does what he wants. It's just totally incompatible with the open-source philosophy in general and kodi's in particular.
I personnaly think it's nearsighted to rely on a piece of code that could just cease to exist tomorrow by one man's decision.

What contribution would be left, then?

the lastest released version?
and it's not like DS gets worthless without madVR.

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