Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-29, 22:19)fritsch Wrote: If our policy helps that we don't have rubbish and slick users in the future - kodi does everything right.

I don't understand why you are still here? You want to replace the render to a binary, you want to replace the player with a binary. Go and replace the rest of kodi as a binary closed source blob ... fork the project and do whatever you want to do. Team kodi has chosen their way. This way is opensource and crossplatform.

Quote:It seems silly, given almost every HTPC sold comes with Windows installed and a savvy user base that already knows how to use the OS. It is taught in school.

That's fully wrong - so unbelievable wrong. Most of the hw running kodi is ARM (Rasberry Pi) + Android. People having a full blown windows PC in their living room are the absolute minority ...

Ok, I can accept the argument about the trend towards small boxes in front of televisions. I am still wishing for greater options in video rendering scross all platforms.

I am pissed off someone from Team Kodi called me a troll. I have so many posts because I spend a lot of time helping other users. Some days I don't even touch Kodi but still answer questions on this forum, and not just in this thread.

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