Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

Wondered if someone could help with audio settings?

I'm using a Jarvis Beta 3 DSPlayer build and since switching to a DSPlayer build the speech in films is quiet whilst the sound effects are loud. There seems to be quite a few threads about this over the years, which I have looked at, but given that it would seem it has something to do with DSPlayer or the associated settings I thought those on this thread may be able to help.

So I used the very informative guide by Warner306 to setup DSPlayer and am using ReClock as the audio renderer - but in all honesty I don't understand all these things too well, so am at a loss as to whether the solution to my issue would be solved by modifying settings in ReClock, LAV, FFDShow, Kodi, my TV or something else.

I don't use a receiver, just HDMI straight from video card to TV and therefore using the TV speakers.

Also thought it might be worth mentioning - TV volume for music files or TV Shows (mostly recorded) is 5-8 whilst Blu-ray movies that are backed up using DVDFab and compressed using BDRebuilder need circa 20-25 volume to hear the speech but then the sound effects are too loud.

Apologies if this isn't really the correct thread, but as mentioned, thought those in the know of DSPlayer may be the best to ask.

Many thanks

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