Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
I am running this on an old system Win7, (Athlon 3500+), ATi AMD 6450 GPU, Emby for Kodi with Emby as my media server.

I could have sworn a week or so ago everything worked beautifully, but NOW I cannot get DSPlayer/madvr into "full screen exclusive" mode and I am trying with settings for the last few days but no go.

I have no problem with MPC-HC and the same madvr settings, there it immediately goes into D3D9 fullscreen exclusive mode. But not DSPlayer from within Kodi.

The issue is, only with fullscreen exclusive mode I get a smooth, stutter-free experience.

Someone mentioned it's impossible to activate D3D fullscreen esclusive when another app has the focus, but I would not know what other app that would be. There is nothing else running on this PC. Looking at my settings in Kodi/DSPlayer I set everything so that it SHOULD use exclusive mode and not windowed. But CTRL-J alwys tells me its using windowed/old path.



Edit: Also, when starting Kodi from the Icon, about 40% of the time it crashes on startup. (white screen, hang). Then I try again and it works. I have a feeling this is related.

EDIT: *** SOLVED ***

It was indeed the Video calibration preventing Kodi/DSplayer from going into Fullscreen exclusive, for that particular resolution. I set it back to default values and now it works.

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