Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-01-21, 05:00)Skinny_T Wrote:
(2016-01-21, 02:46)Warner306 Wrote:
(2016-01-20, 21:40)Skinny_T Wrote: Does anyone else here run this version of Kodi with a GTX 960?? If so, what are your settings at? I keep tweaking mine because I just can't seem to get everything the way I had hoped it would be after adding the 960. Before that I was just using a Radeon 6550 and the image quality doesn't seem to be too much better. It could just be me being picky though.

I still think these profiles are a good starting point: 1966593 (post).

I would swap every super-xbr for NNEDI3 if your card can handle it. If the display is 4K, I've been told NNEDI3 is too much if you want to use image sharpening and other post-processing. Some people think super-xbr rings too much, but I don't find it all that offensive at 100 sharpness if used with SuperRes. With a 1080p display, NNEDI3 and even Reconstruction (soft) chroma upscaling would be possible.

Thanks for the advice. I've actually followed your posts to a "T". Sometimes I think I expect too much, but then I've seen other systems that blow me away with similar specs and videos in the same format. I haven't tried NNEDI3 though. What would the difference be between 16,32,64,128 Neurons?

I don't have a 4k tv yet so I'll try out the Chroma Upscaling too.

The differences you are seeing in others set-ups most likely has more to do with the quality of the display and content. This will make more of a difference than any setting in madVR.

With a 1080p display, NNEDI3 is most useful for chroma upscaling, but most people won't notice the difference between this and any other chroma upscaler because chroma upscaling is not that important. Use only if you have extra resources available.

The biggest jumps in quality will come from image upscaling. At 540p -> 1080p, NNEDI3 image doubling is possible. You could also use the chain of NNEDI3 image doubling and Lanczos3 image downscaling at 720p -> 1080p. But, again, this won't make a tremendous difference. Such changes would lead to a small improvement I would imagine.

If you want greater returns, buy a colorimeter and create a 3D LUT. A properly calibrated display will do more than any other setting in madVR.

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