Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-03-11, 10:13)tarrega8472 Wrote:
(2016-03-10, 22:58)Warner306 Wrote: This must be a limitation of DSPlayer. 3D support was added after aracnoz left. I didn't experience this when the output was set to "auto" with an active 3D display that supports frame-packed Blu-ray.
If the GUI is breaking 3D playback, I would try using MPC-HC instead. MPC-HC has ongoing development support and DSPlayer does not.
To do this, you must create the following file:
For this to function, you must add "3D" to the filename of each 3D video.
MPC-HC set up is covered here: 1843510 (post).

Thank you for the tip, Warner.
I already tried that before, from Kodis side it works as expected, but I don't get the needed SBS output from MPC-HC (that I need for my beamer), only 2D output, any tipps there?
Besides DSPlayer, so far I only found Stereoscopic Player delivering SBS output as needed.

But I managed to work around the GUI problem by modifying it. I reduced the VideoOSD to almost nothing and I just leave the OSD on during playback by pressing m. It works Laugh
Though I would really like to understand how to make it work with MPC-HC for example.

I read that some 3D output modes are not working with the current version of madVR. Wait for the next development version and see if that helps anything.

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