Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-03-13, 22:39)Warner306 Wrote: I don't have enough experience with SVP to understand why it starts with every rule. I would suggest abandoning SVP and using smooth motion in madVR instead. Or completely eliminate frame interpolation and stick with refresh rate matching, which is actually considered the correct way to playback a video. If you wanted to use smooth motion, you could make a madVR profile rule for the filename "Animation," similar to how it is done in Kodi.

smoothmotion and SVP try to achieve different things and shouldn't be compared and are no real replacement for each other.

23p source on a 60 hz screen example
smoothmotion trys to display the frames in a way that it looks like you are watching it at 23hz and it is as smooth as as the source could be. it never trys to make it more smooth than the source so it is not changing the creators intend.

SVP on the other hand is creating new frames and is trys to make the source as smooth as a real 60 FPS video.

this is a very big difference.

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