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Once again, this forum just seems to be a place for morons with a pick and choose legal complex to go after a company (Vidon) they perceive as bad, while that very same company is being simultaneously backed by the organization (Kodi) whose dick they all ride.

Some of us like the Vidon Box, a lot actually. I have never once had any major problem that was not fixed immediately by myself or the staff of Vidon. So what is the problem with all of you? Are you lazy? Inept? Or you just want Vidon to fail?

I think it is the latter; and this rotten attitude that most of you have are driving normal users from coming to Kodi.tv and using these forums for their intended purpose, to discuss the product --- and not it's legal status.

The worst part is that you (by you I mean the idiots in this forum, you know who you are) degrade people that actually enjoy the product. Your conduct disgusts me, are you adults? Because this forum seems to be run by petty children that like to bitch and moan when they don't get their way.

Guess what? No company will ever kowtow to an end user, especially not some faceless idiots in a forum that the majority of its users don't even know exists.

This forum used to be a nice place to come for advice and help, or to talk to people with similar interests. Now it is a sick place, full of people that feel they need to spread their hatred to others. I am a happy person, I don't need all of this negativity. All you are doing is turning normal people off to coming here and to learning more about A/V stuff or whatever you call it, but you can't even let people have that.

This is sad.
@lostinthecity if you don't get the connection between the GPL and kodi being so successful and poplular, you need to think on it again.

Seems though that given the legal/political climate in China, getting copyright compliance from their manufacturers and programmers is a difficult prospect, but still worth commenting on.

Also I know a lot of people might like vidon, but the reality is it has certain failings (nicely summarised in the post above yours) and those do need to be pointed out to people who might consider buying and who come to this thread.
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@nickr, I absolutely understand GPL licensing, what is for, and why it allows programs such as Kodi to become so popular and widespread.

What I don't understand is the incessant need to complain about things you can't change in a topic dedicated to discussing the product itself, not the legality of the product.

Another thing I don't understand is why Kodi needs a bunch of White Knights attempting to come to their rescue regarding an issue that:
1. Has little bearing on the Kodi organization itself as Vidon is a sponsor and obviously works closely with them.
2. Has little to no bearing on the lives of people in this forum.
3. Has no bearing on me personally because I honestly could not care about GPL violations in the least.

Finally, and this is a point I made earlier in this forum, Kodi is made to pirate content. There are literally thousands of add-ons with which to pirate content. A cursory glance at any website devoted to Kodi add-ons would make this abundantly clear. So why is this not an issue? Why shouldn't we be worried about protecting actual copy-written material, not just open source software code? Is it OK to pirate content until the pirates are themselves are being pirated (sorry for the convoluted nature of that statement)?

I know nothing will change no matter what I say. You guys will still complain about whatever it is you are complaining about; maybe this thread will quite down for a few days like it did the last time I ranted about this asinine behavior, but it will always return to same sour state that drives normal users away.

How do expect Kodi to continue to increase in popularity if one of it's major faces (this forum) is so ugly?
(2015-04-08, 06:46)lostinthecity Wrote: Finally, and this is a point I made earlier in this forum, Kodi is made to pirate content.
No it is not.
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why don't you write anything about the reported problems? Do you have a special interest to put a better impression to that product?
@Yes it absolutely is. Sure it started as a media center in XBOX all those years ago, but then the add-on game started, and this software wouldn't be nearly as popular if it weren't for all the free content available.

So what now? We pretend that pirating media isn't happening on Kodi? But as soon as we find out someone is not releasing GPL information that literally matters to no one we don our suits of armor and rush to rescue the imaginary princess? Kodi doesn't need any of you to defend it. I think it's silence on this, and a whole host of other matters, says much more than any of you can.

Let me pretend for a minute that Kodi isn't made to pirate content or break copy right laws; oh wait, I can't because it is. Does libdvdcss, libaacs and libbdplus ring any bells; they are now illegal based on DCMA and EUCP law. And let's not even talk about the add-ons again.

The worst part is, the puppet masters behind Kodi, the SFLC, DO NOT CARE ABOUT COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS CONCERNING THEIR CLIENTS PRODUCTS. Can you name a single case where they didn't settle out of court for an undisclosed amount of money? I will wait...... So while all of you continue to whine and cry the people in charge reap their rewards; in fact, I imagine it actually benefits the SFLC to have people infringe upon their clients work, it keeps them in business.

But none of this makes sense to me anyway because Kodi still doesn't answer the question of "Is there copywritten material in the Kodi source code?" Their silence does not mean "Yes", there silence means "Shut your damn mouth so we can sell open source material out of the back door for profit."

@cmdr.adama, I do not come to write about those things in this forum because this forum only seems to be for bitching, so I will stand on my soap box and bitch, because God knows you do, every single day. As well, your account exists solely to discredit this product and brand so maybe they do need someone that actually likes them to come on here and say something, because when other users talk about how they enjoy the product you berate them like some little child that is upset because no one agrees with him. What is your special interest in making Vidon look bad? Who do you work for, what competing software company I mean? You can't just be a disgruntled customer, you are putting way too much effort into this, so who is paying you? Is it Kodi? I wouldn't be surprised if they hired people like you to do their moaning for them.... Tin Foil Hat Time: Kodi can't complain at the thousands of GPL violations occurring because they actually profit from them, so they hire random people to do their dirty work for them.

And the Vidon Box, while not the greatest STB ever, is good for the money and I am happy, so no, they don't need me doing positive advertising for them. It has problems sure, my MKV streams were total garbage after the last 3 or so updates and I am back to version, I think it is, which ever version paired with the full featured media center they used to have-- and now no more problems. ISO files work great, I don't do 3D so I care as much about that as I do your precious GPL, and my audio passthrough has never had any problems that didn't relate to my aforementioned issue of poor quality of MKV streams. As well, those streaming problems only occurred over a wireless SMB connection to my NAS, when I wired it up or ran the connection differently the problems abated, but I like my wireless set up so I want to keep it that way.
Wow that is a powerful combination of paranoia, delusion and anger isn't it?
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@nickr, not at all, just common sense combined with being sick of not being able to come to this forum for advice.

And instead of committing fallacies by attacking my person, why don't you attack my argument?

Your single sentence replies get us nowhere while simultaneously revealing your ignorance on the subject of the GPL, its' foundation and history, its' secrets and finally its' motives. You're a donor, shouldn't you be aware of these things? Shouldn't you want to know about these things?

Why is it that when an intelligent argument against Kodi arises all of its' most loyal knights are silent on the matter? Is it that the master is so good to you that you look past his faults and see only beauty? Or are you getting paid to moan about Vidon too, nickr?

Kodi violates DCMI and EUCP law via libdvdcss. Kodi looks the other way and indirectly violates DCMI and EUCP law through its' abundant add-ons. But god forbid someone is perceived to steal from them, then it's swords and shields to the ready because a multimillion dollar not for profit (SFLC) can't possibly protect itself.

And while we are on the subject, why don't you look into the policies and actions of the almighty SFLC and see if what they do truly conforms with what you think the GPL means and stands for.....

@nickr, if you have something to say be a man (or woman or however you self identify) and don't tell me I am delusional and paranoid if you disagree with me, formulate an argument and give me a worth while response. Until that time you are a child in my eyes and worth no time or effort. But I will give you time and effort because I am sick of not just this thread, but the morons that exist on this forum in general. You know what was one of the top posts today on /r/XBMC? It was "Why are people on the Kodi.tv forum such dicks?" I laughed because it was true. You result to base insults because you can't defend yourself or the organization whose balls you hang from.

So to try and turn this cesspool into a less filthy cesspool I will post about the only thing we should be posting about:

Like I said, back to and my problems with MKV's abated, although XBMC game emulators ran more smoothly in the newer release I am not really missing out on much. Plus, I have emulator apps on the box itself so not being able to play through XBMC was no big deal.

On a different note, Tor works quite well on the Vidon Box, and I have been successfully peeling layers of the onion to reveal the ever weird deep net, home to awful pornography but lots of free books and movies, and also some really cool blogs from people living under horrible regimes in Iran, Belarus and Burma; powerful stuff. I used Orbot and Orweb to access Tor, which only worked when I accessed the internet through a router with a VPN (access to Tor nodes are blocked where I am so I need to tunnel or use a VPN and then run a Tor client to peel the onion).

My only real problem is that my TED app doesn't work anymore, and I really miss streaming TED Talks, but I can do that on my PC so really it isn't a problem, but it did piss me off.

Right now I want to figure out how to get a wireless PS3 or XBOX 360 controller to work with the box. Someone on the Vidon forums figured it out how to do it with a 360 controller but I don't think he posted a how-to, so if I have any luck and this forums becomes a nice place again I will post my findings.
lostinthecity doesn't write something relevant. I will not follow these long postings anymore. He/she has just 13 posts and seams to have some special interests to push the buggy Vidon Box or the company. Vidon is very welcome to tell use that they solved any of the reported problems. But until now they just confirmed them.
Yes, we confirmed these problems and yes we are trying to solve these problems on the current hardware, and yes we have fixed most of these problems.
Thank you so much, cmdr.adama.

Now we are going to release the Helix version of VidOn XBMC in the coming days, it's in the testing phase. Better performance, better compatibility.
Don't mention the GPL again, as a sponsor, of course we will open the source code first, thank you.
@ lostinthecity
Most of the people who are complaining about the device don't even have it..

One 2 things i wish this device had.
1-32 GB or more storage
2- 1080p UI

Beside that,this device fits well in my system...
XBOX SERIES X  | PS4 PRO 4K | JBL 9.1 System 5.1.4 DTS:X/ATMOS 
(2015-04-08, 15:08)VidOn.me-Wolly Wrote: Yes, we confirmed these problems and yes we are trying to solve these problems on the current hardware, and yes we have fixed most of these problems.
Oh, you are posting the same way as lostinthecity does. Can you please tell us the status of the following problems?
  • HD Audio might work if your AVR is compatible
  • 3D might work if your AVR is compatible
  • Video and audio might completely not work if certain AVR is in the chain, e.g. Onkyo 608
  • 25Hz/29.97Hz especially interlaced movies are played like strobo light effect which means an impressive stuttering
  • BD menu playback is far away of that what a BD player does
  • The Box blocks HDMI CEC function of all other devices
At least the first 4 points will block reselling of the device because the buyer will compain about them. What is the reason for these problems and why were you not able to improve any of them in the last half year? My Vidon Box is standing around. I don't use it because it is not reliable.
(2015-04-08, 11:01)lostinthecity Wrote: Kodi violates DCMI and EUCP law via libdvdcss. Kodi looks the other way and indirectly violates DCMI and EUCP law through its' abundant add-ons. But god forbid someone is perceived to steal from them, then it's swords and shields to the ready because a multimillion dollar not for profit (SFLC) can't possibly protect itself.

What the hell are DCMI and EUCP? I never heard of those (nor google, apparently).

The forums seems to become plagued with raging fanboys, lately.
@lostinthecity Be sure you don't make your favourite box a favor in behaving like you do.
The poster known as cmdr.adama only exists on this forum to make the Vidon Box look bad most likely because they are being paid by a third party company, a matter which they will not address!

@cmdr.adama, what's the matter? No stomach for an intelligent argument. You and @nickr sure shut the hell up quickly when I make relevant posts about your whining and the bullshit organization that is Kodi.....

@Koying, you must not be good at using Google then because DCMI and EUCP mean the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the European Union Copyright Directive, respectively; BOTH OF WHICH KODI VIOLATES BY USING THE FOLLOWING: libdvdcss, libaacs, libbdplus and libbluray. You work for them, shouldn't you know this? Or do they hide it from their employees? And why was I given a warning? I am only speaking about piracy in the sense that Kodi looks the other way, and even actively encourages it by incorporating executable versions of programs that allow the Content Scramble System on protected DVD'd and Blu-ray's to be cracked. What do you have to say about that as a representative of the organization?

@Koying, make sure you don't turn a blind eye to all of the bullshit wrought by @nickr and @cmdr.adama like Kodi does with infringing copyrights around the world.....

@movie78, I have no problems with you and one or two other posters in here, my problem lies with nickr and cmdr.adama because they do not own the box and both have vested interests in other devices/companies. That is why it bothers me; I can't come here to discuss the product because of all of the idiocy brought to this place by @nickr and @cmdr.adama.

Who reported me by the way? I assume it was @nickr after his personal attack on me failed! Maybe @cmdr.adma though, because he is scared I am exposing him as a paid lackey of another company. To bad mommy and daddy can't protect you; aren't you an adult?, defend yourself.....

None of you seem to be able to craft an intelligent argument supporting your distaste for this product but are only attacking me. You are committing the Ad Hominem Fallacy and have therefore forfeited the argument. Your points are null and you have been revealed to be ignorant and most likely to be in the pockets of another company. Especially @cmdr.adama whose post history will reveal that he only posts against Vidon. Who is paying you @cmdr.adama? Oh wait, I forgot you get tired from reading long, intelligent arguments.

@hdmkv, I wish your thread didn't turn to shit dude. You are a really nice, genuine guy and have given me such good advice across multiple forums over the past year. Thanks!
I hope I don't have to explain why I split these posts out into their own thread. I'd like to throw this all in the trash, but god knows someone will start going off about some kind or censorship conspiracy something.

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