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This is a suggestion for an addon. I see that newer versions of xbmc/kodi 13.x+ seem to leave more temp files behind. On many minimal systems problems arise from disk space issues. This of course might be due to poorly coded addons.

As a work around it would be nice to have an addon that cleans temp files at start/stop/idle of Kodi. Most probably it would be good to clean pachages as well.

Anyone up tio the task of a simple but usefui addon?

I know this can be done with a script and xbmc callbacks however it is often not easy to get a user to install a script and make it executable then call it from xbmc callbacks. Better to have an addon that works on any platform
Can you give an example of temp files?

Everything should be stored in the userdata/addon_data folder, and there is no way for an addon to know which files are still needed.
I am not talking about temp files in addon_data.

I am talking about linux path (other OSes vary)

I see many
filecacheXXXX.cache ( incluing complete songs that I can even play)

where no longer needed packages are never cleaned up after addon updates

1) running when idle(possibly)
2) running at shutdown
3) running at start up (seems completely safe and recommended to start with clean temp directory)

Of course if the system is busy it need not run. Maybe idle setting could be turned off. Also because some users might "pull the plug" out of frustratiuon good to run at start up

It might also be a good idea to delete other key files optionally such as
thumbnails.db (to regenerate icons)
addonsXX.db for when the datavase looses track of addons that need updating.
and possibly others?

Makes me wonder if Kodi leaves more files behind by shutting down with power button shutdown over power menu shutdown?? On my desktop I always exit Kodi and still have temp files
The more I look at the temp files I can see that the ones that seenm to grow are easily identifyable, and most likely safe to delete when there is no streaming playback or downloading happening.

Any ideas anyone?

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