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v14 WEB OS
Good evening, I would ask humbly to be created an application to run on smart TVs with operacinal system WEB OS.
I have the app on your smartphone, PC and tablet and would be very useful also in the smart tv
Hi pedromiiller, thanks for your proposal. It's a nice idea and has been requested several times already (for almost all SmartTV brands and operating systems). But I have to tell you that this might never happen for the full Kodi application. Reason is that if we do support a new platform, we deliver the real deal, so the very same functionality on all devices. With a HTML5 based OS like WEB OS this is not possible, as we can't reuse our existing code base. Also, there are so many smartTV operating systems out there that it would take years to do full ports. Next issue is that most (at least older) smartTVs don't have the power to run a full Kodi version.

What might be available in future on SmartTVs is a thin client, so same thing Plex is doing. But this will require to have a Kodi instance (server) running in your home to which the thin client will then connect to (just like with Plex and their server). For this to work reliably Kodi needs support for transcoding, which means that Kodi needs to convert your media into a format the TV will be able to play (not all TVs support all media formats/codecs). Transcoding is unfortunately not yet supported, but we're working on it.

What you can do in the meantime is that you enable the UPNP server on a Kodi instance in your house (could also be your phone or tablet) and browse and play the library from this device via the UPNP/DLNA client that every SmartTV has (every vendor is giving it a different name, but it's all UPNP/DLNA). OR, you could enable the "look for remote UPNP players" in Settings -> Services -> UPNP and then bring up the context menu on a movie/song/playlist (like doing a long press on your smart phone) and select "play using". You should see your TV in the "play using" dialog, select it and Kodi will stream from your phone to the TV. Your phone will then become a control point for your TV, so you can pause, rewind etc from your phone (or from wherever you used this feature)
WebOS isn't HTML5 based. It's a full embedded OS that was created by Palm, then passed around, and is now open source.
sorry, my bad. With all these OS'es showing up these days it's hard to keep track. Anyways I believe it won't happen by the team. But who knows, maybe one guy would like to do the effort and give it a try.
Yeah, seems unlikely given how little Web OS is used. I'm not even sure if LG's version of Web OS is still compatible with Open Web OS.
The platform is actually one of the best out there currently. It actually works great with some updates, but it's still way to slow. WebOS 2.0 is suppose to resolve this with all 2015 TV's and there are lots of development for it. But since it so new it will probably take a few years to get to the masses at which point most TV's that run Android TV will be out such as the ones from Sony and Panasonic.

Codec vise the TV supports everything I have thrown at it so a thin client is not needed, however I don't believe kodi will be usable even if it was ported since the OS still needs to mature and knowing LG that could take years.
For the record and according to wikipedia, webos is linux kernel and c++ based. It would be really great to see kodi running natively on my 55" 4k oled running lg webos 2.
i'd really love to have kodi working on my lg webOS tv, or another way to stream it from pc to the lg webOS tv. It seems possible to setup kodi on a samsung smart tv.

i guess i have made the wrong choice buying a tv with webOS.
Yes, the LG WebOS is Linux based. Kodi works great on Linux. Should port to WebOS fairly easily.

Linux is just a kernel. You need a lot more before you can say it would be easy.
(2016-04-24, 00:00)richard96816 Wrote: Yes, the LG WebOS is Linux based. Kodi works great on Linux. Should port to WebOS fairly easily.


Since it's so easy we shall look forward to your pull request containing the necessary work.
Well I have found that LG webOS is not supported, but I found a way to be able to use kodi with the magic remote. Here's what I do. I run kodi from my Android phone. On the TV I use smart share and connect to my phone. For smart share the phone needs to be really close to the TV. Otherwise the signal gets disturbed. Once connected with smart share, kodi appears on TV and works with the magic remote so you don't need to use the phone anymore. 2 down sides are that the phone display stays on all the time and it drains the battery like crazy.
(2016-03-13, 20:06)HansNL Wrote: i guess i have made the wrong choice buying a tv with webOS.

That makes 2 of us, at least.
I love the screen on my LG OLED, but it is very annoying that Kodi can't be installed.
It was easy on my friend's Sony/Android OS.

I'm sure people that can afford a OLED TV can also afford something like a Raspberry PI to run Kodi on
(2016-08-23, 08:53)da-anda Wrote: I'm sure people that can afford a OLED TV can also afford something like a Raspberry PI to run Kodi on

Very smart answer
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