AFTV Stick issues - Barebone installer, video buffering issues.
Hi All, I'm all new to this so forgive me if these questions been asked before. I was big into customization back in the original XBMC for Xbox 1 days and I have switch to Showtime(homebrew media center for PS3) when the original Xbox1 cant handle 720/1080p videos. I am now trying out Kodi for AFTV Stick but I been having several issues.

-Certain videos keep giving me buffering issues every 6+mins. It takes about 10secs to buffer and video will continue playing as normal. This could be SD tv shows or 720p/1080p video formats. I tried playing with the advancedsettings.xml to see if that would fix the issue but I'm still having programs. I have the netgear WNDR3700v3 router right next to the AFTV stick. In Kodi System info, Memory USED is usually around 85%(Free Memory 76MB). Could that be causing the issue?

-Is there any barebone kit or skin for Kodi? I only use the Video section via SMB Protocol to watch movies/tv shows on my NAS box. I dont really need a movie/music/pictures/programs/add on section. On the original XBMC, I was able to have it auto boot XMBC into the Video section where I would then pick the movie/tv show to watch bypassing everything else.

-How can I get the home button on the Amazon Fire TV stick controller to go back to the main Kodi menu? Whenever I press the home button in Kodi, it goes back to the main Amazon FTV menu. I tried the Keymap Editor add on but pressing the home button to assign a task open up Amazon fire home menu preventing me from assigning a task.

-I installed llama and ikonotv so when I completely reboot aftv; it auto boots kodi but when aftv is in sleep mode; it just boots up aftv menu and I have to manually start Kodi. Any way to fix that? Is there a full shutdown option for AFTV Stick? that should solve this issue.

I would be grateful for any assistance. I tried searching for several guides but they are appear to be for AFTV not the AFTV stick. I have Kodi 14.2(latest version on the site)
Sorry, it looks like I posted this in the Windows section instead of Android section. Can a mod please move it to the correct section? I tried to delete this post to move it to the Android section but it says I do not have permisison.

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AFTV Stick issues - Barebone installer, video buffering issues.0
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