Bypass Master Lock via search
I have a numeric Master Lock set on my profile and use it to lock the video window so the kids can't just jump in and watch any movie or TV episode (repeatedly).

But they've worked out if they search for the movie name or TV episode, or part of it (eg. "e") then they can just select the movie or TV episode without entering the master lock code from the resulting search results list.

Have I forgotten to configure something, or have they just foiled my attempt at some security?

You might have to enable Kiosk mode to outrun the smartypants, I'll bet search is all encompassing and watch out for skins that have search on the home page.
Kodi's master lock is pretty weak and has a bunch of holes in it :)

I would recommend putting non-kid friendly movies on a separate video share, and then using source locks:

That should hide movies from all windows/searches/etc, and still allow you to show them when the master lock code is entered.
We could also use children as security testers as it seems Wink
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Bypass Master Lock via search0
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