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[RELEASE] DVDProfiler importer script - import the movie database from DVD Profiler
can you give me a hint on what syntax I need to put into settings.txt if I want to try the online lookup ?
looks like it may have failed to parse your XML collection file (from which it creates a flat file and some keys for performance reasons).

Could you email (rar/zip) your full exported collection.xml and settings file, so I can check the parsing ? (email bigbellybilly AT gmail DOT com)

online users saves into file 'online_users.dat' each entry being

username(or alias)~hostname

hosts can be:

But you would be better off just reassigning the key value of Y btn in to a key value you do have. All key press values should show up in debug log.

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thanks - will try

the config menu for online users isnt really usable in Transparency! - i'll first have to figure out which skin shows it and then what keypress the AppleTV remote generates.

so I think directly creating the config file is probably easier
thanks - I now configured online_user.dat and with the PM3 skin I can see it in the config and start the import

it pulls the online_titles.html into the cache dir
and then crashes XBMC with exit status 10 :-(

pastebin is here

[RELEASE] DVDProfiler importer script - import the movie database from DVD Profiler00