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REQUEST: WebGuide for MS MCE (stream Live-TV, Record/PVR functions, etc.)
Hi all
I love the mytv script to schedule recordings on mediaportal
but MP is not stable enough for me to rely on for recordings. So i use
"win mce 05" with webguide 3/4 to shedule recordings over the web
when away from home.
It seems to me a scipt could be writen to allow me to shedule recordings
from my living room xbmc utalising the webguide web site and maybe linksbox.
i'dont know but i hope one of you great Python scripters might. Or i will just have to buy a wirless enabled palmtop to access through browser.

Hope some one takes up the chalenge

I'm looking for a way to integrate Windows XP Media Center and my XBOX. I tried Media Center Extender and found really a crap specially compared with XBMC.

I found this cool apps called WEBGUIDE that substantially add a Web Interface to XP Media Center. With it you can manage your recording via Web. It support also web streaming of recorded shows but also of LIVE TV!

Give it a try it is absolutely cool:

Now my idea. As Web Guide gives MCE a web interface it would be cool to have a phyton scripts that could controll MCE with the web interface of web guide! I have any scripting knowledge so I've posted here and on webguide forum in the hope to find a good scripter willing to do it:
96 viewier and no one interested in replying?
I am. I saw your post over at the webguide forum. I think it'd be awesome.
This would be awesome. Somebody should jump on this..

Would completely eliminate the need for media center extender Big Grin
that would be awsome if anyone does please post in here
Is this possible since Web Guide 4 its a web interface to integrate this as a possible solution for an XBMC extender for live TV? suppose to stream even HD content on a fast connection...I understand that XBMC wont be able to play HD, but this software suppose to recognize the speed of bandwith and equipment and adjust video accordanly...THanks

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REQUEST: WebGuide for MS MCE (stream Live-TV, Record/PVR functions, etc.)00